Every month Ron Jones does an article for the club newsletter called 'Window on the Web'.
This will also now appear on the website for those looking for good chess on the web.

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Those of you who have visited chesslecture.com might be aware that one of their lecturers until last year was the US National Master Dana Mackenzie. He left to pursue other interests.   His chess blog at http://www.danamackenzie.com/blog/  is worth a visit. 

There is much to explore here. The Home page contains the latest post. The Profile link takes you (as expected) to information about the author. There are links to monthly older posts containing chess wisdom, games and positions. There are so many of these that quite a lot of spare time would be needed to read them all, but, examples at random: January 2016 contains analysis of a very complicated ending with rooks and pawns, where one side or the other could promote a pawn to achieve a queen v rook and pawns ending. November 2015 includes The Perils or Rewards of Doing Nothing which discusses whether to play it safe or take risks when playing a weaker opponent. September 2014 has part I of Six Games, Six Positions with analysis of critical points in the games. March 2014 has The Perils of Opening Preparation in two parts, dealing with the Caro-Kann in Part 1 and the King’s Gambit in Part 2.  September 2013 includes Prophylaxis and Flexibility with analysis of two positions showing it is better to play flexible moves that improve your position if you can, rather than impulsive committal moves that might end up ruining it. In October 2011 there is The Fourth Endgame of the Apocalypse, with instructive analysis of a difficult endgame.

There is also an index of categories of posts. Openings, for example, has many discussions of opening themes such as Why Does Anybody Play 1.e4? A good question, when you know the statistics.   

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