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Matthew Sadler is the third strongest English player, below Adams and Short. He has an ECF grade of 282, which is beyond the dreams of most of us. The author of six chess books including the 2016 ECF Book of the Year, he has won the British Championship twice, but is no longer a professional player, preferring an IT career in the Netherlands. Since February 2016, he has hosted his own website at http://matthewsadler.me.uk/ where we can learn from his biography page that he learned chess at the tender age of 7, becoming an IM at 17 and a GM at 19. He has an up-to-date blog which currently has about eighty posts, the majority of which contain interesting excerpts from his games and the games of famous masters such as Alekhine, Morphy and Korchnoi. The moves are text only and the games can’t be played through online. Although there are diagrams, the reader will need a chess set to play through the moves unless very good at visualising long variations between the diagrams. How to play king, rook and pawn endings, attacking with F D Yates and “Alekhine’s Themes” are the most common subject of the blogs. Other subjects discussed include which rook to put on an open file, rook endings and fighting hanging pawns. There is a link to several of GM Sadler’s YouTube videos with instructive excerpts from his own games and those of, for example, Capablanca and Lasker. 

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