Every month Ron Jones writes an article for the club newsletter called 'Window on the Web'.
This will also now appear on the website for those looking for good chess on the web.

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The ECF has made a change on its website at http://www.englishchess.org.uk/ by closing the chess forum and replacing it with a feature called Ask the Directors which is accessed from a link on the left of the home page. Clicking on the link opens a questionnaire for use by members and non-members alike who wish to ask any of the 7 ECF directors a question. The director will then reply promptly by email. The aim is to publish in due course the most pertinent and interesting questions and answers in FAQ format.

http://www.4ncl.co.uk/ is the website of the Four Nations Chess League, which is Britain’s strongest chess league, run as a business, consisting of four divisions of top class teams which meet in weekend team tournaments at venues in England throughout the chess season of October to May. Our Honorary Member Chris Ross regularly plays in 4NCL events. Some of the world’s top players have taken part, including Peter Svidler.

The website has a timetable of events and details of all the fixtures and results. There are lists of teams for each division and an extensive selection of photographs of players in action. For those who like to view games there are many games available to play through on the site’s viewer. The games can also be downloaded in pgn format.

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