Every month Ron Jones does an article for the club newsletter called 'Window on the Web'.
This will also now appear on the website for those looking for good chess on the web.

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Anyone interested in chess news should visit http://www.hotoffthechess.com/ which made its first appearance on the web in January this year. The sites mission is to provide free quality reliable chess news and media services for all chess players and to promote and encourage chess at all levels.

Currently the site has the first part of a guide to playing chess, aimed at beginners, which seems to cover the basics in a comprehensive manner. There are clear explanations of how the pawns and pieces move, the en passant rule, pawn promotion, castling, check, mate, pins, perpetual check and stalemate, accompanied by diagrams. 

If you were in any doubt that chess is good for you, the home page contains a link to The Top 10 Benefits of Chess, suggesting that chess, amongst other things, improves memory, helps to prevent Alzheimer
s, improves recovery from a stroke and exercises the brain.

The main intention of the site, however, is to provide up to date news on chess events. There are round by round reports on the Gibraltar Tournament which was won by Nakamura, the FIDE Candidates Tournament won by Karjakin and several other events, including the US Chess Championships in St Louis. The reports contain a selection of games which can be played through. All the reports are available, beginning with the 2015 London Chess Classic. This is a relatively new chess website that shows a lot of promise.

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