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    Game No. White Black White Black    
January 20 19 Ilett Hanks     Grunfeld Defence
February 21 20 Davison Hanks Budapest Defence
March 22 21 Ross Shaw Blackmar Gambit Middlegames
April 23 22 Walker Lane     Nalchik
May 24          
June 25 23 Ross Lunn Horowitz NN Crimea
July 26 24 Punnett Ross Keres Verbac Sparkassen/Biel
August 27 25 Chedd Hanks Wehner Rotstein        
September 28   Chris Ross at the British Brown / Hanks        
October 29   Computer Analysis     Arcworldchess    
November 30 37 Bowers McCorry Bowers Hanks        
December 31   'Too much information' Noah's Ark Trap        
Xmas 32   Christmas Puzzles          

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