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    Game No. White Black White Black    
January 85           Kings Chess Polgar Jones
February 86 90 Wedley Caraway
March 87 91 Walker Hanks     Chessity
April 88 92 Ludbrook Ross Kuijf Anand Chess Improvement
May 89 93 Caraway Friday Zulfugarli Bologan
June 90 95 Hanks Dunn Cebalo Vaziukov
July 91  Gagunashvili Paichadze
August 92           FIDE rules   Nimzovich Tartakower
September 93           St Louis Chess Club Penetrating the enemy postion
October 94 96 Hanks Lane     Chess for kids    
November 95           Magnus Carlson    
December 96 97 Moore Dunkley     ECF Grading    
Xmas 97                  

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