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January 98 98 Hanks Davies     Chessbook Reviews
February 99 99 Stevens Garratt Suba Wells Chess Quotes
March 100 100 Russell Caraway Mamedryarov Polgar Chess Games Strategies
April 101 101 Wedley Hanks     Costa web site Italy
May 102 102 Turp Clark Vavulin Predke Chessbase
June 103 103 Walker Turp Flitney Johnson Norway Chess
July 104 104 Hanks McCorry     The Chess website
August 105  Timman v Kasparov
September 106 106 Jones Summers     Southport Chess Club  
October 107 107 Greenwood  Hanks     Chessops    
November 108 108 Taylor Rayner     Rushden Chess Club  
December 109 109 Walker Lane Morant Abbe Chessworld  
Xmas 110                  

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