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    Game No. White Black White Black    
January 111 111 Turp Watkins Ivanchuk Kasparov The New Yorker
February 112 112 Tandy Bowers Podgorny Stulik Dana Mackenzie
March 113 113 Jones Clark Anand Aronian part 1
April 114 114 Golimowski Hanks part 2
May 115 115 Walker Lane     Hotoffthechess
June 116 116 Mann Dunkley Tactics in the French Def. ECF & 4NCL
July 117         Kasparov Hanks v Russell
August 118       Fischer v Kovacevic Chess in later life Hanks v Tandy
September 119           British Chess Champ Hanks v Taylor 1974
October 120 117 Tarabad Bowers v Holzhausen Tarrasch ChessCorner    
November 121 118 Russell Duff Herbold l'Ami World Champs. 2016    
December 122 119 Hanks Walker     Chess History    
Xmas 123                  

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