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    Game No. White Black White Black    
January 137   Taylor,R Jones,R Li Chao v Wang Yue 2017 Tata Steel 2018
February 138   Walker,S Ingram,M
March 139   Ilett,R Varnam,L Hultin v Fromm Vaxjo 1992 Candidates Berlin
April 140   Wedley,N Russell,C Howell v Ashton Halifax 2008 Grenke & US Champs
May 141   Wozniak,S Hanks,P   Altibox Norway Chess
June 142 Symnaski Hanks Betbeder v Guadin Grand Chess Tour
July 143 Walton Taylor Topalov v Paehtz Biel & Sparkassen  
August 144   Cusick Hanks   Grand Chess Tour  
September 145   Walker Bowers   Olympiad & World CC  
October 146   Carew Russell Turov v Glek Eurochess    
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