Every month Ron Jones writes an article for the club newsletter called 'Window on the Web'.
This will also now appear on the website for those looking for good chess on the web.

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http://www.chesscorner.com/index.html is a site aimed at the improving player but since it was created by a chess enthusiast for chess enthusiasts, chess players of any level should find something on the site to interest them.

There are various links across the top of the home page. Learn takes you to tutorials beginning with those suitable for beginners who need the basics, followed by many more aimed at intermediate players. They cover such standard tactical themes as Removing the Defender, Overloading, Deflection and Decoying. Each theme is explained, followed by a few examples. 

Algebraic and Forsyth notations are both explained. There is a selection of quotes of the elite players, such as: Chess is mental torture - Kasparov. There are two types of sacrifices: correct ones and mine - Tal. Discovered check is the dive-bomber of the chessboard - Fine. Every pawn is a potential queen - Mason. The sharp-eyed might notice that there is even a quote attributed to one Jan Tinman

Play invites you to register and play online. Games presents collections of games to play through, but that section seems not to be working. World Champions is a list of historical world champions from Steinitz to Kasparov. There are also links to Ecard sales (not chess - related) and books.

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