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The website of Vladimir Kramnik, who was World Champion from 2000 to 2007, has had an update and facelift since I last mentioned it in 2013. The link http://www.kramnik.com/ will take you to the site. There is a description of his defeat of Kasparov in London in 2000 to become Classical World Champion, his successful defence of that title in 2004 against Leko and his defeat of FIDE World Champion Topolov in 2006 which made Kramnik the unified World Champion.

There is a comprehensive biography where we learn that the artistic side of his chess was probably inherited from his sculptor father and music teacher mother. He won the U18 World Championship at only 16 in 1987, eleven years after learning the game. His career is documented until 2013.

There is a Games link to an index of Kramnik’s games between 1987 and 2013. Clicking on a year enables you to play through the games although they are not annotated. There are hundreds of games, but there are significant differences in the numbers for each year, such as 2 for 1988 and 56 for 1991. The link to the games of 1990 does not work. It is clear that in the early years he preferred when White to play 1.e4 but later changed to 1.d4 and sometimes 1.Nf3.

There is now a link to a library of videos featuring some interviews of Kramnik and some of his games, including a selection of his rapid games.

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