Chess was devised many centuries ago and has developed into a truly international sport.

Two players clash in a battle of ideas and imagination starting with an identical army of pieces on a board with 64 squares. Each piece has its own pattern of movement and the objective is to overwhelm the commander of your opponent's army (the king). You need to manoeuvre your forces to threaten the king (i.e. you can move one of your pieces to the square it occupies) and similarly control all the surrounding squares (checkmate).

To play chess successfully, you need to learn how the various pieces move and to understand the strategy and tactics which enable you to deploy them to deliver checkmate. Many books and websites can give basic instructions. For example the FIDE website has an official handbook. Click here to go to the site

Rules of chess website:

There are a number of sites where freely available training material is available as well as game play.
and search on 'chess'

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